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I've had my sactional about a year now. I decided to give it a chance before reviewing it. Well, after dealing with this monstrosity for all this time, I can tell you I hate it more every time I sit on it, move it, attempt to reconfigure it, etc. We purchased just one step down from the top-of-the-line (who needs down armrests?) And had custom covers done. Retail was around $10,000 but we got some rebates that we had to bicker with them over... Read more

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Hate this place! I didn't receive my package for over a month and a half. I also had a two piece product, the first piece I returned and when I went back to return the second piece I couldn't because I was a little past the policy. I have no use for that cover so I figured I'll get store credit or be able to exchange it for something more useful but I couldn't even do that! Biggest disappointment in a store. NEVER GOING BACK Read more

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I ordered a pillow cover as a birthday present on April 10th. After several weeks of not receiving a shipment confirmation email, i logged into the website to see my order was still in "payment review". I thought this was weird as there was plenty of money in the account for the order. I reached out to lovesac to find out that the pillow cover was out of stock. When originally order it did not say this and i did NOT receive any notification that... Read more

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I bought an outdoor sectional for over $2500 and at the end of the summer I changed the covers. ALL of the cushions had fallen apart and one cover the zipper broke. I don't have kids and the cushions were stored under cover. When I contacted customer service in mid December they told me they would replace them. I didn't hear from them so in February I contacted them and they said as soon as they get in their outdoor sectionals in which would... Read more

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We ordered a 6 seats 6 sides and received 6 seats 4 sides. Though our invoice clearly shows we ordered and paid for 6 &6. They are completely unwilling to work with us and send us the rest of our order. They offered a 10% discount so we could re-buy what we have already paid for! The lack of integrity and customer service has been sickening. We have invested several thousands of dollars in this all to be jacked around and not receive what we... Read more

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This whole page is pretty disappointing. Alot of customers complaining about things that they are unfamiliar and naive about. Lovesac has been a great product for me, the service was amazing, if it isn't There are 1000 phone numbers to call on the website to get what you need solved. They have great options to meet your needs and wants. Their lifetime warranty is also a huge plus. I suggest going in stores to make your purchase. Every one that... Read more

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I ordered a couch 8/5/15 was told it would be about 4 weeks to make custom. I called to have the shipping put on hold bc my delivery date was close to my move date. Not only did they put my whole production on hold they blamed me that it was my fault. Not once did I receive a receipt from the sales girl, who made my order via phone, "pre-order" to get her sales early. Never received shipping info. Half my order came at different times. Had... Read more

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Pass on Lovesac company... No integrity there!! Pass on this company, bought lovesac in dec. Only got half order, no cover and they will not respond to e-mail, calls or anything. They are a company that does one thing good: scam people... Scam--they cannot fill the full order only half the orders. Scam--that they charge full price and 2 months later have never delivered. Read more

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I placed an order on November 24th. On December 9th, the wrong cover was delivered to me. I emailed Lovesac just after midnight on December 10th. After receiving no response, I emailed again on December 15th. Having again received no response, I initiated a chat with customer service on December 17th. I was told that I would be contacted within 24 hours. 24 hours later, I initiated another chat since I had not been contacted. Mike in customer... Read more

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LoveSac openly advertised that all of their "Sacs" are one sale up to 40% off. Great deal, right? Wrong! The sac I was interested in was the KhakiSac PillowSac. I had owned one previously and given it to a relative. Well they say "a khakisac is not a sac at all, but an insert and thus is not on sale." I already owned a cover and now they want me to pay the same price for a new sac and cover for the same price as just the sac itself. Alone the... Read more

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