I am a clean freak. My house has tile floors and white furniture.

I try to keep everything white glove ready. Anyhow, I was at the Lovesac store in Mission Viejo and the sales person gave me a great deal if I bought the floor model, she said. I bought the SuperSac foam filled bag, and brought it home. Fell to sleep on it the first night I had it.

Woke up and went straight to my desk to do computer work. Saw three dots on my elbow, and thought nothing of it. Later that evening, my room mate gasped as she saw red marks all over my back and sides. I had slept on the lovesac the night before, and I thought maybe I was allergic to the fabric?

No, upon looking at the seams of the bag, found 2 bed bugs squished. I called Lovesac immediately the next day, and Will, a sales person, told me that I could just throw the bag away and they would send me a new one. I was satisfied with that. BUT, 5 Hours later, after I had wrapped up the bag for the trash, I got a phone call from the company saying they would not send me a new bag, and no refund.

The manager Kelli was extremely evasive and would not let me return the bag, even though Will, her sales person promised me that I could. They just did not want to accept responsibility. I threw the $470 bag away anyways, and chalked it up to experience and that I would tell everyone that I know to never shop at Lovesac because they have terrible customer service and their floor models can, just like tons of public places, come with bed bugs, but they were unwilling to help solve the issue. I got an exterminator to look at the sac, and he confirmed the 2 dead bugs were in fact bed bugs.

I also had him scope my house and he found no signs of bed bugs inside my house. After I got the lovesac out of the house, I have not been bit since. I also had those bed bug dogs come out to sniff about 2 weeks later, and they found nothing in my house. I am sure that the bed bugs came from the Mission Viejo lovesac store.

I will never shop at that store again, and because of this experience be very cautious about saving 20 dollars to buy a floor model. Once I paid for the exterminator and the bed bug sniffing dogs, that was an added expense of just about how much I paid fkr the sac itself. If Lovesac would have swapped out the sac, at no charge, I would have been pleased with the company. They did not even offer to pay for the $25 exterminator audit that I had done on the sac, which I have an invoice that states in the notes section "customer has had Lovesac for one day, date and copy of receipt stapled here...Found eggs and Bed bug specimen in sac".

They did not, and they wanted nothing to do with me on the phone once I mentioned that their floor model Lovesac came with bed bugs. It was disturbing and I get itchy again just writing my account of this again.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Mission Viejo, California, United States #844203

I worked at the Love Sac store and remember this. My manager at the time was Kelly, and she was told by our corporation to cover it up when we also found bed bugs in our store (on the couches and sacs) last year.

The company is pretty unethical, they should have simply sent this customer a new bag and new foam, as that is all she wanted. The customer could have sued us but she didn't.

I remember several of us had hives from working at the store and getting bitten, but they made us keep our mouth shut as long as we wanted to keep our job. I can say something about it now because I no longer work for Love Sac.

to I remember this Mission Viejo, California, United States #1257799

And what is your name??? (Don't think I really need to ask.

But I may be wrong). Because there sure as *** was NOT a manager named Kelly there at the time. And after inspection, they were small mosquitos or large gnats... No eggs, no bed bugs...

2 small bugs that could have been in her car. Seriously. And IF you worked there... you were NEVER threatened to keep your mouth shut "if you wanted to keep your job".

There were never bed bugs in that store... You're an ***... Ever think people that don't "get what they want" might lie from time to time???

Yourself included... That situation was called "buyer's remorse".

to Boss #1394142

Was considering Lovesac until this response. As a member of management thisbis highly inappropriate and has just cost a sale. Apparently the employee spoke the truth and the company has no morals or ethecs.

to Former Potential Customer #1453947

Wow, I just received a coupon in the mail for a free seat from lovesac. So I decided to google them.

After reading this review I am appalled at the bed bug situation, but just as much from the response from “boss”! Really? Cursing and blaming a customer that you never had contact withfor buyers remorse! Not to mention this is still a post that lovesac has done nothing to remedy!

Sounds like a horrible company. No thanks, I’ll definitely pass!


Why would you buy what's essentially used bedding?

I bet you didn't even wash it.

to Nope #1238164

Hmmmm never was a Kelly at that store through 2014. And as far as hives and bites on employees, not true.

I think I know who wrote the review as the employee and I must state that the motives and ethics are far from respectable. Lies sprinkled with half truths...

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