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This whole page is pretty disappointing. Alot of customers complaining about things that they are unfamiliar and naive about.

Lovesac has been a great product for me, the service was amazing, if it isn't There are 1000 phone numbers to call on the website to get what you need solved. They have great options to meet your needs and wants. Their lifetime warranty is also a huge plus. I suggest going in stores to make your purchase.

Every one that has helped me did it with a smile on their face and got me everything i needed. They also offer 12 months zero percent interest year round. Lovesac is not your average sofa.. it is different...

they are sold differently, shipped differently, and made differently. Just ask about all that in the store so you know what to expect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lovesac Sofa.

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I worked at Lovesac for years and know who wrote this review. Ironically, their initials are BS.

While the product is a good idea, the company itself and leadership specifically is a dumpster fire. Why does your order take 6 weeks? They don't pay their bills. Why is your piece or fabric no longer available?

They don't pay their bills. As other reviewers have pointed out, the cover and configuration changes are impossible without specific training and endless practice, which compromises the quality each time. Support is zero. Why you ask?

Because employee turn is higher than Waffle House. You could buy 3-4 new sofas over a period of 20 years or be stuck with this junk for the same price. The only thing you are really investing in is the CEOs beautiful home on the waterfront in one of the most expensive zip codes in the country.

25+ years and they still pretend it is a startup. Stay away.

El Paso, Texas, United States #1270231

Still only one number that no one has ever answered any time I tried. Cancelling my order tomorrow. Ridiculous pricing should at least cover someone to answer the phone.

Rochester, New York, United States #1257713

Obviously an owner or Lovesac employee.


No doubt an employee or owner posting this comment.

Hackensack, New Jersey, United States #1196950

are you Mr. Love or Mr. Sac?


First of all there is only one phone number on the company website and I have called it numerous times during the day and no one has EVER answered it. Second Lifetime warranty...yeah right.

I have been waiting since Dec to get my replacement. The product is ***, it fell all apart and I spent good money on it and there is no sign of replacement. Third you must work for the company or be an owner especially to say that people are naive and that you are disappointed. I was disappointed that my sofa fell all apart.

People are naive because they don't know what a piece of junk you are selling. If you are in management or the owner take the criticism and work to sell a better quality product and get a better, faster delivery time for the people that have paid or have warranty issues!


I would like to see all those phone numbers because I only saw one on their website and no one answers. I called that one number many times.

Also forget about there lifetime warranty...good luck getting a replacement. I have been waiting since Dec for mine.

I think you either work for the company or are an owner and if so you should take all these complaints and do something about it instead of thinking your company is too great for improvement.


Lovesac has a great product but the company sucks. It cannot pay its bills.

Some customers have placed orders for outdoor sactionals and the company has not delivered. There are sales for items they cannot deliver on. If you can find a similar product somewhere else go purchase it elsewhere.

Bad News. Buyers you have been warned.

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